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She's very patient and will really help you. Its not everyday you meet someone that'll listen to whatever is going on your life and try and help you. That's what she did to me, thank you Audrey 💕 and Congrats sa Blue badge!! 💙
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Mar Yan
July 22
Minsan hindi masama makinig sa ibang tao lalo na kung makakatulong naman sayo.😊😇 Thank you ma'am Audrey Sana madami kapa matulongan at mashare sa iba ang knowledge mo. Lord give you a talent to help people.😇 God bless 😇.
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Je Ric
July 21
If you have questions, ask Audrey. She has it all, highly recommended!!!
Rex Dima
July 18
Thank you Aubrey! Super taas ng binigay mong value during our conversation! Natutunan ko kung paano i-track ang expenses ko and narealize ko na kaya ko palang mag ipon at mag dagdag pa ng insurance! I’m very excited to learn more from you in the weeks ahead!
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Lanz Olives
July 2
Audrey is the coach that I need in order to execute. She tells me things that I need to hear, no matter how harsh those can be because she is always coming from a place of genuine love and wanting for me to succeed. Our coaching sessions are always full of energy, reminding me always of my Why and what my next steps are. Thank you Audrey for being there for me and Mimi. You’ve helped us a lot as you act not just a coach but as an accountability partner to us specially to me for a year now since I’ve known you. We are just starting our journey, and whenever there is inaction you are the voice in my head shouting “Execute Ram! Execute!” Eternally grateful to you Coach Audrey, our friend. I am getting there! I’ll finish this! #RamTheFinisher
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Ram Horario
May 27
I’m a fitness coach who wants to expand on wealth aspects, Audrey helped me realize my limiting beliefs and wants me to execute, I have a lot of clients and definitely Audrey will always be on top of my list pag nag tanong sila regarding sa PAYAMAN GOALS nila! I’m excited to execute sa tulong niya, who knows I might earn my first Billion because of her! Manifesting, Alignment and Execution! Thanks Coach Audrey!
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Arjhay Aquino
May 26
Thank you, Audrey! Your advice is always on point and hit me when I needed it the most hehe. Alam mo yan lol 😅 You are truly a big help to young professionals who are seeking guidance on how they can achieve financial freedom and increase their income. From money management to personal growth...you have the advice that every young professional should hear ♥ Glad to have you as a dear friend and financial coach at the same time. Thank you always for your words of wisdom and encouragement. 😊 God bless and more power!
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Dex Medina
May 25
I recently had the pleasure of having a 1-on-1 session with Audrey, my financial coach, and it was an incredibly insightful experience. Audrey's liveliness and enthusiasm made the Zoom session engaging and enjoyable. Audrey took the time to understand my financial struggles and provided me with step-by-step actions to address them. Her clear and practical guidance gave me a roadmap to tackle my financial challenges effectively. During our session, Audrey's expertise in streamlining side hustles was evident. She provided valuable insights on optimizing my chosen side hustle, helping me identify areas for improvement and focus my efforts for better results. Her suggestions were both practical and actionable, giving me confidence in pursuing my side hustle with a streamlined approach. When it came to discussing my debts, Audrey provided valuable insights on how to expedite the repayment process. She shared strategies to manage my finances efficiently and prioritize debt payments effectively. Her advice was straightforward and tailored to my specific situation, allowing me to take immediate action toward becoming debt-free. Aside from her expertise, Audrey's accommodating nature made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the session. She was attentive to my concerns, patiently answering my questions, and providing reassurance along the way. Audrey proved to be an exceptional financial coach. Her lively demeanor, step-by-step guidance, insights on streamlining side hustles, debt repayment strategies, and accommodating nature left me feeling motivated and empowered to take control of my financial situation. I am eager to continue working with Audrey and see the positive impact she will have on my financial journey.
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💯 Highly recommended. Aside from sobrang ganda na (hindi echos😉) sobrang dali pa kausap. Direct to the point and ang galing mgpaliwanag. Sobrang dami kong realizations. And ang daming bagong idea kong natutunan sakanya😇. Willing to help to others. Kaya big salute to you Audrey😘. Salamat sa mahabang oras na nilaan mo😊
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this is a super long over due appreciation post. Thank you po for your free coaching and for your time. I'll be forever grateful po sa lahat ng knowledge na naishare nyo po sa akin. Coach Audrey will try to understand your situation first before sya mag recommend ng plans to take action. Maglalaan talaga ng oras para magconnect kayo. wishing you more good health and happiness. 🤩🤩
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